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Mailroom Solutions

SingPost Integrated Mailroom Solutions (SIMS) provides structured, customised solutions for corporate mailrooms. From processing of incoming shipments, to distribution within the organisation, to inter-office runs, to processing outgoing shipments - SingPost Integrated Mailroom Solutions’ (SIMS) team of specialists can help do it all! We will even review your current setup and re-engineer the systems, procedures, and collection points for maximum efficiency.

Apart from SIMS, we also offer Virtual Mailroom Management (VMM). VMM utilises technology and services to transform documents from paper to a digital image format where they can be electronically stored in a repository for secure and quick retrieval. By converting business documents to digital formats, organisations are better able to access and use that information to support current and future management decisions, satisfy client obligations, proactively prepare for legal discovery, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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