SingPost offers exciting ideas with the distribution of telecommunication services. With the launch of Singapore's first over-the-counter mobile airtime transfer service in July 2010, it is easy to top up the prepaid mobile cards of your loved ones back home at our post offices. In addition, we also distribute prepaid telco cards & SMILE international calling card as well as accept payment of bills plus other services.

Bill Payment & Other Services 

Telco Cards & Top-up


Overseas Mobile Top Up Service powered by Transfer-To 

In July 2010, SingPost launched Singapore's first over-the-counter overseas mobile top up service. With this new service, foreign nationals living in Singapore can instantaneously top up the prepaid mobile cards of their loved ones back home at any of SingPost's post offices island-wide.

This overseas mobile top up service will be a blessing to some 1.25 million non-residents in Singapore, enabling them to maintain strong ties with their families and loved ones abroad. It complements the remittance services available at SingPost's branches, giving these residents another option to top up overseas prepaid mobile cards, besides the traditional method of cash transfers.

Those wanting to send small-value gifts to their loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, festivals or anniversaries will welcome the overseas mobile top up service which provides immediate top-up.

This Overseas Mobile Top Up Service is currently available for the following 11 corridors:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Cambodia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. Malaysia
  7. Nepal
  8. Philippines
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Thailand
  11. Vietnam


To perform an international top-up, the sender needs only to provide the mobile phone number of his recipient, select the top-up value, and make payment by cash or direct debit card, and the transfer is processed real-time through TransferTo's secure platform. Both sender and recipient receive an instant SMS confirmation upon a successful transaction.


 Post OfficeSAM
Overseas Mobile Top Up Service (powered by Transfer-To)

Read our news release on overseas mobile top up service.



Telco Cards & Top-up

SingPost distributes a wide range of prepaid telco cards to help you stay in touch with family and friends back home. You can buy travel the telco cards at our post offices which let you enjoy low local and international calling rates on a clear and crisp calling line. To find out more, ask our counter staff.

We have a number of different types including:

Telco Cards & Top-upPost OfficeSAMvBOX 
MobileOne (M1) M Card Prepaid* N.A N.A
MobileOne (M1) M Card Prepaid Top-up N.A
Overseas Mobile Top-up Service (powered by Transfer-To) N.A
SingTel Prepaid hi! Card* N.A N.A
SingTel Prepaid hi! Card Top-up
SMILE International Calling Card N.A N.A
StarHub Green Prepaid Card* N.A N.A
StarHub Green Prepaid Card Top-up N.A


*  To purchase and register a new Prepaid Mobile SIM Card, please bring along the ORIGINAL necessary identity document:

For Singaporeans: NRIC & Singapore Passport
For Permanent Residents: Blue Identity Card
For National Servicemen: SAF11B, SPF11B or SCDF11B
For Work Permit and S-Pass holders: Work Permit Identification Card
For other foreigners: Passport 








We offer the following SingTel services from application of telephone services to bill payments to help meet the needs of our customers. It is easy to use our tri-channel network - simply visit our post offices, SAM or vBOX and do it all on the spot.

SingTelPost OfficeSAMvBOX
SingTel Mio TV Termination Service selected  N.A  N.A
Application for Telephone Services N.A N.A
SingTel Prepaid Cards * *
SingTel Bills

* Only SingTel Top Up service is available.  

MobileOne (M1)

We offer the following MobileOne (M1) services to help meet the needs of our customers. It is easy to use our tri-channel network - simply visit our post offices, SAM or vBOX and do it all on the spot.

MobileOne (M1)Post OfficeSAMvBOX
MobileOne (M1) Prepaid Cards  N.A  N.A
MobileOne (M1) Bills