Experience even greater convenience sending your domestic and international packages by dropping them off at Bulk Package Counter at Lock+Store Serangoon North. Sending Ordinary Mail, Registered Articles, SMS Mail, SmartPac and Speedpost packages is now simpler and faster!


How It Works

Post your packages in 3 simple steps and save time at the Bulk Package Counter:

Step 1:
Sign up for an account on www.ezy2ship.com, enter shipment details and make payment online

Step 2:
Pre-process your mail:

  • i) Sort and pack items into provided bags
  • ii) Fill up manifest form


Step 3:
Drop bags at Bulk Package Counter and you are ready to go!


Locate Us

56 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555851

Operating Hours
Mondays to Fridays : 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturdays : 9:00am to 1:00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays : Closed

For more information, please refer to our FAQ


SmartPac is a postage-paid postal service for delivery anywhere in Singapore, the next working day for a fixed price. Pick up a SmartPac and we guarantee 2 smiles: one on your face and one on your recipient's face!

SmartPac offers you:

Smartpac Logo with Box 

  • Enhanced efficiency – Assured next day door-step delivery*.
  • Peace of mind – Proof of delivery with complete reliability^.
  • Greater convenience – Enjoy free delivery and pick-up#.
  • Better value – Comes with free packaging and only $4.70 for delivery up to 3kg or $3.80 for delivery up to 1kg.
  • Track & Trace – With easy online access, always know where your package is 24/7.






Box: S$4.70 for delivery up to 3kg.
Envelope: S$3.80 for delivery up to 1kg.

Prices are inclusive of 7% GST

Box: 300mm (l) x 190mm (w) x 70mm (h)
Envelope: 240mm (w) x 330mm (l)

How it Works

Where To Buy
Purchase SmartPac at any post office. For Bulk orders, call 6845 8000 to open an account with SingPost.

Delivery Standard & Cut-off Time
90% will be delivered on the next working day if SmartPac is posted at:

  1. Bulk posting box at post office or street posting box
    • Mondays to Thursdays
      • Within CBD by 7pm
      • Outside CBD by 5pm
    • Fridays
      • Within CBD by 8pm
      • Outside CBD by 6pm
  2. Bulk Mail Centre
    • Mondays to Fridays
      • 9am to 6pm 


* Will be deposited into recipient's letterbox if no one is available to receive it during the first delivery attempt to doorstep. 
^ When delivered to letterbox, postman's signature on the delivery note is deemed as proof of delivery. Retrieval of a duplicate copy of the signed delivery note is available upon request at S$2.
# Minimum purchase of 30 SmartPac boxes or 50 SmartPac envelopes for customers with an account.

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      SMS Mail Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

      Download PDF version

      Version 05/2012



      1. "BMC" means SingPost's Bulk Mail Centre at 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre (via East Entrance – 10 Eunos Road 5), Singapore 408600;
      2. "Card" means a credit/ debit card, loyalty card, membership card or other similar cards;
      3. "Delivery Service" means the domestic delivery of an Item in the manner described in Clause 4;
      4. "Document" means a bank statement, notification letter, letter containing information on loyalty points, bill, invoice, certificate, business paper, blueprint, computer printout, contract, insurance policy, newsletter, magazine, direct mail with promotional information or offers detailed on a brochure, flyer or leaflet or other similar documents or any combination of the foregoing;
      5. "Item" means the letterbox deliverable envelope/ package/ parcel addressed to a Recipient and not exceeding the weight and dimensions set out in Clauses 2 and 3 below to which the Delivery Service applies;
      6. "Manifest" means the written declaration (in such form prescribed by SingPost) to be submitted by the Sender setting out details including, but not limited to, address, reference number, weight, content and value of Item;
      7. "Mobile Number" means a valid Singapore-registered mobile phone number (or such other contact number of a device capable of receiving an SMS) of a Recipient provided by the Sender to and accepted by SingPost;
      8. "Recipient" means the individual or company named by the Sender to whom the Item is to be delivered;
      9. "Sender" means the successful applicant of the SMS Mail Service;
      10. "SMS" means the mode of telecommunication known as Short-Message-Service;
      11. "SMS Service" means (a) the sending of an SMS by SingPost (on behalf of the Sender) to a Mobile Number corresponding to an Item after the Delivery Service has been provided by SingPost or (b) the notification from SingPost to the Sender to enable the Sender to transmit an SMS to the Recipient after the Delivery Service has been provided by SingPost;
      12. "SMS Mail Service" means collectively, the Delivery Service and the SMS Service; and
      13. "Working Day" means any day from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays).


      2.1 Each Item and its contents shall not exceed the maximum weight limit of 5 kilograms.


      3.1 The maximum dimensions of each Item are not to exceed 190mm (width) x 300mm (depth) x 70mm (height). The Sender shall ensure that each Item and its contents does not exceed the aforesaid maximum dimensions.

      3.2 Any Item which is posted by the Sender to which the Delivery Service applies which exceeds the aforementioned maximum dimensions may, at SingPost's absolute discretion, be rejected for delivery.


      4.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by SingPost, all Items are to be:-

      1. prepared, lodged, posted and delivered in accordance with and subject to the Postage Paid Impression (PPI) Service Terms & Conditions as may be prevailing from time to time; and
      2. lodged with an accompanying Manifest. In the event that SingPost accepts lodgement of the Item without an accompanying Manifest, SingPost shall not be liable to the Sender under Clause 8.1 or for any loss or damage to the Item or for any claim arising thereunder.

      4.2 Pursuant to the Delivery Service, SingPost will attempt to deliver the Item to the Recipient in the following order: -

      1. Delivery to the Recipient's letterbox ("Letterbox Delivery").
      2. If the Recipient's letterbox is full or of an older version of which the dimensions are too small to fit the Item, SingPost will deliver the Item to the Recipient's doorstep at the address stated by the Sender ("Doorstep Delivery"). The Item may not necessarily be delivered to the named Recipient personally. If there is no one at the Recipient's address to take delivery of the Item, SingPost will leave a delivery advice at the Recipient's door-step for the Recipient to collect the Item at the post office(s) stated on the delivery advice.

      4.3 There will not be any subsequent delivery attempt to the Recipient's address or any redirection of the Item to any other address or to any other SingPost post office not stated in the delivery advice.

      4.4 The Delivery Service is provided only to locations within the main island of the Republic of Singapore (including Sentosa Island and Jurong Island but excluding the other offshore islands).

      4.5 SingPost shall have no liability towards the Sender in the event that:-

      1. the Recipient fails to collect the Item by the expiry of ten (10) Working Days from the date of the delivery advice described in Clause 4.2(b); or
      2. the Item is not lodged with an accompanying Manifest; or
      3. the Item lodged contains a Document or Card (notwithstanding the declaration of the Item on the accompanying Manifest).


      5.1 Clause 5 shall only apply where the SMS is sent by SingPost (or its authorised contractor or agent).

      5.2 SingPost's obligations herein shall be deemed fully discharged and the Recipient shall be deemed to have duly received the SMS under the SMS Service at the time when the SMS was sent by SingPost (or its authorised contractor or agent). SingPost is not obliged to inform the Recipient or the Sender (as the case may be) that the SMS had been sent or of the information which was sent via the SMS Service.

      5.3 The SMS sent through the SMS Service may be blocked, delayed, partially delivered or prevented from being delivered by the relevant telecommunication service provider or for other reasons outside of SingPost's control. SingPost does not warrant that the SMS Service will be uninterrupted, reliable, confidential, secret, secure or error-free or that the SMS will reach the intended Recipient during or within any stated timeframe. Save for the notice of delivery of the Item contained in the SMS sent by SingPost, SingPost does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, truth or reliability of the rest of the message transmitted via the SMS Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SingPost's obligations are fully discharged in accordance with Clause 5.2.

      5.4 All SMS sent by SingPost are one-way transmission only. Unless otherwise expressly stated in such SMS, the Sender shall procure that the Recipient shall, not reply to such SMS.

      5.5 The Sender agrees that the Recipient is responsible for:-

      1. ensuring that the telecommunication device to which the Mobile Number is assigned is capable of receiving and viewing the SMS; and
      2. taking all reasonably practicable measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the telecommunication device to which the Mobile Number is assigned, the access to such device on which the SMS is viewed and the data (including the SMS) which is stored in such device; and
      3. any fees or charges levied by the Recipient's telecommunication service provider and any relevant terms and conditions of such service provider applicable to the provision of telecommunication services to the Recipient (including receiving and viewing of SMS).

      5.6 The SMS Service may, without notice to the Sender, be suspended for any reason including without limitation, due to any breakdown, maintenance, modification, expansion and/or enhancement work to the network responsible for sending the SMS under the SMS Service.

      5.7 The Sender agrees and confirms that the Sender has obtained the Recipient's agreement or consent to receive from SingPost via SMS containing (i) the Recipient's personal information and (ii) information relating to the SMS Service. SingPost shall not be liable or responsible for any actual or threatened loss or damage of the Sender or any third party as long as the SMS Service is provided using the particulars of the Recipient and the Mobile Number provided by the Sender to SingPost.

      5.8 SingPost shall not be liable for consequences arising from any cause beyond its control including without limitation, failure of the Recipient's telecommunication device to receive information for whatever reason, any telecommunication breakdown, power failure, malfunction or interruption or inadequacy of equipment or installation.

      5.9 The service levels for the SMS Service are stated below:-

      1. Upon Letterbox Delivery, an SMS shall be sent to the Recipient by 8.30pm on the same day of successful Letterbox Delivery or Doorstep Delivery.
      2. In the event that the Item is to be self-collected at a post office, no SMS shall be sent to the Recipient.



      6.1 Dangerous and prohibited items, including but not limited to explosives, poison, flammable items, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms and any items which by its nature or packaging may expose officers of SingPost to injury or cause damage to other items, are prohibited by law and will not be accepted.

      6.2 Coins, bank notes, currency notes or securities of any kind payable to bearer are to be sent via insured post only. Compensation will not be payable for such lost items under the SMS Mail Service.


      7.1 The Sender shall ensure that every Item lodged at the BMC carries a barcode label ("Barcode Label"), a sample of which is set out below:-

      7.2 The Sender shall ensure that each Barcode Label (which comprises the Item Barcode and the Item Number as indicated above) satisfies the following criteria:-

      7.2.1 Item Number format:

      1. The Item Number shall contain 21 alphanumeric characters, e.g. SS100123A901199991001.
      2. The first 9 characters of each Item Number shall be allocated by SingPost.
      3. The next 8 characters of each Item Number shall be the Mobile Number.
      4. The last 4 characters of each Item Number shall be the Sender's reference number (as provided by the Sender).

      7.2.2 Item Barcode format:

      1. Each Item Barcode shall follow the barcode format known as 3 of 9 barcode (also known as Code 39 or Code 3 of 9).

      7.2.3 Barcode Label position and size:

      1. Each Barcode Label shall be printed in font size 12;
      2. Each Barcode Label shall appear below the window of an envelope, after the mailing address.

      7.3 The Sender shall provide the following information accurately, truthfully, legibly and in a complete manner:-

      1. the name and address of the Recipient and the Barcode Label of each Item stated on the external packaging of the Item; and
      2. the information required in the accompanying Manifest of the Item(s), and the Sender agrees that SingPost shall not be liable to verify any of the above information provided by the Sender.

      7.4 The Sender shall provide its own name and address clearly and accurately to SingPost. In the event that no return address is provided by the Sender and if an Item is not able to be delivered or an Item is not collected in accordance with Clause 4.2, the said Item shall be disposed or handled in such manner as SingPost, in its absolute discretion, thinks fit.

      7.5 If the Recipient is a company or any entity other than an individual, the Sender shall ensure that the following types of information are clearly and accurately stated on the external packaging of the Item:-

      1. the name of such company or entity;
      2. address; and
      3. name, department and/or section of and Mobile Number of the person to whom the Item is to be marked to the attention of.

      7.6 The Sender is responsible for obtaining independent advice and procuring its own insurance coverage for an Item. An Item that is of high value shall be delivered and processed under this SMS Mail Service at the Sender's risk.


      8.1 Notwithstanding any limitation of liability in the Postage Paid Impression (PPI) Service Terms & Conditions, to the extent permitted by law, and subject to satisfactory proof of claim by the Sender, SingPost's liability for any direct damages to the Sender in contract, tort or otherwise (including any liability for negligence), arising by reason of or in connection with the SMS Mail Service for an Item that (a) does not contain a Document and/or Card and (b) is lodged with an accompanying Manifest, shall be limited to Singapore Dollars Thirty (S$30.00) for each such Item or the declared value of the such Item, whichever is lower, for any one incident or series of events arising from a single incident or common cause.

      8.2 SingPost shall not be in breach of these terms and conditions, and shall not be liable to the Sender for its failure to perform its obligations if, and to the extent that, such failure results from the Sender failing to perform any of its obligations under these terms and conditions.

      8.3 SingPost is not responsible for checking the contents of any Item. Save as provided in Clause 8.1 above, SingPost shall not be liable for any other damage or loss (whether of a direct or indirect nature) whatsoever to the Sender or for any threatened or actual claims made by or against the Sender arising from, in connection with or as a result of the loss, damage or misappropriation of an Item that contains a Document and/or a Card.

      9. CLAIMS

      9.1 All claims by the Sender in relation to any failure on SingPost to perform its obligations under the SMS Mail Service herein must be made within fourteen (14) days from the date the Item is lodged at the BMC. Such claims must be made in writing, accompanied by supporting documents and relevant receipts. All claims are to be submitted to:-

      Customer Relations Department
      Singapore Post Limited
      10 Eunos Road 8
      Singapore Post Centre
      Singapore 408600


      10.1 The Sender shall be bound by and shall fully observe and comply with all the SingPost General Terms & Conditions as well as such other terms and conditions as may be agreed between SingPost and the Sender. The rights and protections conferred on SingPost under these SMS Mail Service Terms and Conditions shall be additional to the rights and protections conferred on SingPost under the SingPost General Terms & Conditions and any other terms and conditions as may be agreed between SingPost and the Sender. In the event that any of these SMS Mail Service Terms & Conditions are inconsistent with the SingPost General Terms & Conditions, these SMS Mail Service Terms & Conditions set out herein shall prevail.

      * All charges stated herein are exclusive of Goods and Services Taxes ("GST") and are subject to prevailing GST.


      SMS Mail – Frequently Asked Questions

      Q1. How does SMS Mail works?

      A1. You can do barcode label printing for SMS Mail via Ezy2ship website (www.ezy2ship.com) or Ezy2ship kiosk located at designated SingPost Post Office. Paste the labels and post your items at SingPost Post Office counters accordingly.

      Q2: How do I track the delivery status of SMS Mail?

      A2. You can check the delivery status of SMS Mail at www.singpost.com (click "Track Item" icon) or on SingPost Mobile App.

      By entering the SMS reference number (e.g. SP002828A900110090004), you are able to track the delivery status of SMS Mail after it has been posted.

      Q3: What is the maximum weight and dimension of an SMS Mail item?

      A3. The item must not be heavier than 2kg or larger than 30 cm (L) x 19 cm (W) x 7 cm (H).

      Q4. What is the SMS notification message which recipient receives?

      A4. The SMS notification message format as follows:

      “Good day, your mail item [item number] has been delivered to your letterbox. Please ignore this message if item has already been collected.”

      Q5: When will the recipients received the SMS notification?

      A5: SMS notification will be sent to the recipient’s mobile phone on the same day that the item was successfully delivered.

      Q6: What happen if delivery to letter box was unsuccessful?

      A6: Our Postman will deliver the item to the recipient’s letter box and a SMS text will be sent to the recipient’s mobile phone number on the same day upon successful delivery. In the event that delivery is unsuccessful for whatever reason (for example, the letter box is full), our postman will proceed to attempt delivery at the recipient’s door-step. Where door-step delivery is also not possible (for example, where no one is at home), a Delivery Advice will be placed at the door-step informing the recipient to collect his item from the nearest post office. In this case, no SMS will be sent.

      Q7: Does SMS Mail deliver to restricted areas such as camps?

      A7: SMS Mail Service is provided only to addresses within the main island of the Republic of Singapore (including Sentosa Island and Jurong Island but excluding the off-shore islands).

      However, due to regulations for restricted areas like camps, SMS Mail will only be sent to the designated area in the premises (e.g. mailroom) as per instructed.

      SMS Mail

      SMS Mail is a value added service for domestic delivery. It alerts your recipients via SMS to their mobile phone when a mail is successfully delivered to their letterbox. SMS Mail comes with online tracking and it is an economical delivery option especially for valuable letter items and small package items (e-commerce) that are letterbox deliverable (maximum dimension: 30 cm (L) x 19 cm (W) x 7cm(H)).

      Benefits of SMS Mail

      At only an additional $1.00 per mail 
      Same day SMS alerts to recipient upon successful delivery 
      24/7 online tracking 
      High success delivery rate
      Items are letterbox deliverables 
      Fraud prevention
      Your recipients can alert you if they did not receive the mail in their letterbox 
      For small package items 



      $1.00 per item in addition to prevailing domestic postage rates*. All rates are subject to prevailing GST charge.

      SMS Mail must fit within the maximum dimension of 30cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 7cm (H).

      How does SMS Mail Work?

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