Remittance Services

CASHOME-Visa Money Transfer - Selected SAM located at the Post Office

Gone are the days when you need to rush to the post office right before it closes its door! You can now send money via CASHOME-Visa Money Transfer on selected SAM  24/7 and at your own convenience!

To proceed with any CASHOME Remittance transactions, including CASHOME-Visa Money Transfer (VMT) on vPOST, you need to first register for a CASHOME Card at any post office.

To send money via CASHOME-Visa Money Transfer at selected SAM located at the post office, just follow the easy steps below:

Instruction 1: Register for a CASHOME Card containing your recipient's details via any post office counter.

steps visacounter

Instruction 2: After obtaining the CASHOME CARD, proceed to the SAM located at the Post Office.

steps visasam1

For subsequent CASHOME-Visa Money Transfer transactions, please proceed straight to the SAM machine located at the post office to make the transaction.

Do note that you need to register new recipients at the post office, and you need to bring your CASHOME Card together with the details (Recipient’s name and 16-digit Visa Card number) for registration.