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Mail Retention Service Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) 

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1. Definitions

(i) "Customer" means the successful applicant of the Service;

(ii) "Service" means the mail retention provided by SingPost which allows mail to be retained at the SingPost post office; and

(iii) "Working day" means Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays).


2. Fee Payable

2.1 The Customer shall pay fees for the Service as follows:

For Type of Application First Month (S$)* Second Month (S$)* Third Month (S$)* Subsequent Month (S$)*
Company/Organisation/Residential $20.00 $30.00 $40.00 $40.00 per month

2.2 The maximum duration of the Service is two (2) months at any one time. Subsequent request for extension will be considered as renewal of the Service on a monthly basis and the fees for each subsequent month shall apply. However, a minimum of one (1) month's fee is payable notwithstanding that the period of Service is less than one (1) month.

2.3 Any subsequent request for extension from the third month onwards will be accepted on condition that mail from the previous retention period has been cleared by the applicant or his/her representative.


3. Payment Mode

3.1 The Customer may make payment by cash, cheque or NETS at the time of application at any SingPost post office. All cheques shall be made payable to "Singapore Post Limited" and crossed "Account Payee Only". Non-transferable cheques are not acceptable for payment.

3.2 For extension of duration of the Service, the Customer may make payment by cheque and submit it together with the duly completed Renewal Notice (issued by SingPost prior to expiration date).

3.3 For online application and extension of duration of the Service, the Customer may make payment by Giro-On-Demand.


4. Availability of Service

4.1 SingPost may offer the Service in its sole discretion and only if the mail can be retained for the address indicated. If SingPost decides to offer the Service, the Service shall not commence earlier than the second working day after the date of receipt of application by SingPost.

4.2 Unless instructed by the Customer, unclaimed registered articles would be returned to sender in accordance with SingPost's terms and conditions for registered articles.

4.3 Application for retention of mail CANNOT be accepted in any or all of the following circumstances:

i. If the address is not an official address approved by IRAS and without an allocated 6 digit postal code.

ii. Mail addressed to clubs, hotels, boarding houses or lodgings or where mail is delivered to a central point or to a box used for the receipt of mail addressed to several tenants in the same premises, such as a 'multi-dwellers' residential premises, sub-tenants, sub-agents, etc.

iii. Mail care of (ie. c/o) another person at a private residential premises.

iv. Mail that is not posted through SingPost.

v. Mail items sent by Speedpost Islandwide Courier Service.

vii. Mail sent via incoming Express Mail Service (EMS).

4.4 All applications for the Service must be made on SingPost's prescribed form which is available at any SingPost's post office or retrieved from SingPost's website at

4.5 Where the Customer is a corporate entity, the application form must be accompanied by an authorization letter bearing the entity's name and rubber stamp and must be duly signed by a manager, director or partner of the entity.

4.6 Where the Customer is an individual, and if more than one (1) person require the Service, all persons applying for the Service must furnish his/her Singapore identity card or passport number. The application form must be duly signed by all the persons named in the said form. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, where there is more than one (1) addressee named on the cover, SingPost shall carry out the Service only if all of the addressees had applied for the Service.


5. Termination

5.1 SingPost reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the Service if there is any breach by the Customer of any of the terms and conditions herein and SingPost has given fourteen (14) days' notice of such breach and the Customer has failed to rectify such breach within that time.

5.2 The Customer may terminate the Service by giving SingPost at least one (1) week's prior notice in writing. The Customer shall pay an administrative fee of Singapore Dollars Ten (S$10.00)* if the Service is terminated before the expiry of the duration of the Service. The effective termination date shall be as stated in the Customer's written notice or the date of receipt by SingPost of the said written notice, whichever is later.

5.3 Any fees already paid for the Service for the remaining full calendar month(s) after the effective date of termination, shall be refunded to the Customer.

5.4 Upon termination or expiry of the duration of the Service, all mail addressed to the previous address shall be delivered as addressed or disposed of in accordance with the provisions of Postal Services Act (Cap. 237A) and any rules and regulations made thereunder.

5.5 Such action taken by SingPost shall be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which SingPost may have.


6. Address Information

6.1 Fur the duration of the Service, the Customer shall not change the address for which he requires the Service.


7. Consent to Use and Disclose Customer Information and Data

7.1 The Customer agrees that SingPost shall be entitled to use or disclose any information or data disclosed by the Customer in accordance with the SingPost General Terms & Conditions located at the SingPost website at (or available from SingPost on written request). The Customer is entitled to withdraw such consent in accordance with the procedure as prescribed by SingPost from time to time.


8. Entire Agreement

8.1 The Customer shall be bound by and shall fully observe and comply with all the SingPost General Terms & Conditions as well as such other terms and conditions as may be agreed between SingPost and the Customer. The rights and protections conferred on SingPost under these Mail Retention Service Terms and Conditions shall be additional to the rights and protections conferred on SingPost under the SingPost General Terms & Conditions and any other terms and conditions as may be agreed between SingPost and the Customer. In the event that any of these Mail Retention Service Terms & Conditions are inconsistent with the SingPost General Terms & Conditions, these Mail Retention Service Terms & Conditions set out herein shall prevail.


*All charges stated herein are exclusive of Goods and Services Taxes ("GST") and are subject to prevailing GST.