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SODA General Information

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1. Customers who do not vary their requirements of stamps and First Day Covers from issue to issue would find it convenient to deposit a sum of money in a SODA to defray the cost of regular supplies of items ordered.

2. For each new set of stamps or stamped stationery, the Philatelic Bureau will send to the account holder the quantity of items as advised under his / her standing instructions. The cost of the items sent on each issue will be deducted from the deposit account. A statement showing the credit balance will be despatched with each batch of items.

3. Each Standing Order must be for a minimum of one complete set of stamps or First Day Cover affixed with a complete set of stamps. Colour check will be supplied with every four complete sets of stamps ordered, subject to availability of stocks.

4. Items ordered by the account holder will be sent to the address indicated on the form. An account holder who wishes to have any item sent regularly to some other address or addresses [e.g. for delivery to friends, etc.] is requested to submit a separate list of names and addresses in block letters.

5. All items despatched by registered / unregistered mail will be charged the appropriate handling charge plus the current registration fee where applicable. Covers for despatch to difference addresses will be charged separate handling and registration fees.

6. A minimum deposit of S$50.00 is required to open a SODA.

7. Your deposit should be remitted by means of a VISA / MasterCard, postal order, money order, cheque or bank draft made out in Singapore currency. Remittance must be payable to "Singapore Post Limited" and crossed "A/C Payee Only". Cash will be accepted for the deposit if placed personally at Singapore post offices. Your order would be serviced only when your cheque / bank draft is cleared.

8. Credit Card payment is only available to mail order customers, i.e. customers who make payment by post. The minimum payment through a credit card is S$10.00 per transaction.

9. From time to time, the account holder should send a remittance to the Philatelic Bureau to ensure that a sufficient credit balance is available to meet the cost of future new issues. Remittance received by the Philatelic Bureau 6 weeks before the date of the new issue is reflected in the statement of account sent with your order. Please top up your deposit at least 6 weeks before the issue date.

10. Please allow 6 weeks for the Philatelic Bureau to effect changes made to the particulars of the applicant, order or mode of collection

11. Please allow 1~2 weeks for delivery of the orders from the issue date.

Note: Singapore Post reserves the right to review and change the prices / charges quoted herein as well as the SODA service scheme without prior notice.

1. 客户如果对每次发行的邮票和首日封的需求不变,预先把钱存入"长期订购户 口"以便每次自动支付表格中注明的邮品种类和数量的费用,可以省却不少麻 烦。

2. 集邮局的销售处将根据户口持有者在申请表格上注明的定购数量,将每一套新 的邮票或邮品寄给客户。邮票或邮品 费用将从客户的户口扣除,客户每次在收到订购品时,也将收到显示户口来往情况的结单。

3. 客户每一次必须至少订购一整套邮票或附整套邮票的首日封,每订购4套邮票 客户将会获得数量有限的彩色标号四方连票。

4. 集邮局将把所有订购的物件寄到客户在表格中所填写的地址。户口持有者如果希望集邮局定期把订购物件寄到其他地址(比如给订户的朋友等),必须多填 写另一份表格,清楚注明详情。

5. 客户须支付所有挂号或普通邮寄邮件的处理费用,包括在一些情况下征收的挂号费;寄往不同地址而必需分别处理的不同邮件得各别支付处理费和挂号费。

6. 开一个长期订购户口的最少存款是S$50.00。

7. 存款必须以信用卡(VISA/MasterCard),邮政汇票,支票或银行汇票支付,并且以新币(S$)为计算单位。款项请寄交"Singapore Post Limited" 并注明"A/C Payee Only",订单只有在支票或银行汇票兑现以后才被处理。

8. 信用卡付款方式只限邮购时使用,以信用卡扣除的款项每次必须至少S$10.00。

9. 户口持有者应该定期把钱存入集邮局,以确保户口内有足够存款应付短期内的需求。在至少6个星期以前,确保户口内的存款足够支付订购的费用,否则客户 的订购指示将不被处理。

10. 订户若在个人资料,订购详情,以及邮寄方式上作出的改变,一般需要6个星期以后才能生效。

11. 订户可以在邮票发行的1~2星期以后收到订购的邮票或邮品。

注:新加坡邮政保留在没有事先通知的情况下,对以上收费以及"长期订购户口"的服务 计划作出更改的权利。