Government Services

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

You can apply for the e-Day licence, pay your fines or renew your road tax at any of our post offices in Singapore. Additionally, payment of fines is also available via SAM kiosks and SAM Web, offering you 24/7 convenience.

Land Transport Authority (LTA)Post OfficeSAM KioskSAM Web
Application for e-Day Licences  N.A  N.A
Payment of LTA/ ERP Fines
Renewal of Road Tax  N.A  N.A

What to bring:

  1. Application for e-Day Licences
    •  Vehicle number
  2. Payment of LTA/ ERP Fines
    • LTA's fine notice (before it expires)
    • LTA's fine notice number if fine notice is not available
    • LTA's letter for ERP fine
  3. Renewal of Road Tax
    • Original road tax renewal notice