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Want peace of mind to know if the recipient received the mail? Register your mail.

All mail items up to 2 kg may be accepted for registration provided the service is available to the country of destination. Registered Article is a Sign-For service that requires a signature on delivery in Singapore and most destinations. Registered Article provides an added security for mail up to 2 kg.

This service is ideal for confidential or important items which require special handling, processing and accountability. Any postal item can be registered for delivery locally or internationally.

Registered Article does not provide detailed online tracking capability. It is not mandatory for registered items to be scanned at every stage of the delivery process be it for local or overseas delivery.

Please note that for registered articles to overseas, the scan events may differ from post to post. A scan event will be shown if and when they are provided by the overseas postal administrations. For countries with no online tracking updates, SingPost will check with the overseas postal administrations on the status if the addressee did not receive the item after a stipulated time. Under the international postal agreement, overseas postal administrations may take up to 60 days to reply.


Registered Article Tracking Number Information

  1. Local to Local + Local to Overseas

    A Registered Article (RA) Number is allocated to you when you post a registered article at any post office. The 9-digit number starting with RR and ends with SG can be found on the posting receipt that you have used to fill in the addressee's particulars. You or your customer can use this number to verify the status of your mail.

    The registered article number appears in the following format:
    • RR999999999SG (where every 9 represents a digit)
  2. Overseas to Local

    The Foreign Registered Article number may have different formats. Please confirm with the Sender/Overseas Postal Administration.
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Additional Services

The following is also available to complement the Registered Article service:

  • Advice of Receipt (AR)
    If you have opted for AR service, we will get the recipient to sign on the AR card and this card will be returned to you via ordinary post. This service is at S$1.00 on top of the registered fee plus postage.

  • Express Service
    Mail sent via such mode will be treated with priority upon arriving at the destination. This service is available at S$2.00 on top of the registered fee plus postage (available to certain destinations only).

  • Insurance (per Section E, Conv Art PL 138, Universal Postal Union Letter Post Manual)
    For extra coverage and higher amounts of compensation in the event of loss, insurance is available to most countries. Insurance coverage is chargeable at S$1.00 per S$100.00 value (minimum insurance premium is S$5.00), i.e. If you want to insure your mail for S$1,000.00, you pay S$10.00. For maximum insurance limits and destinations that accept insurance, please call our Postal Enquiry Hotline 1605 (toll-free within Singapore) or you may seek the assistance of our Customer Service Officers at any post office.

  • Copy of Signed Delivery Receipt (after posting)
    If you require a copy of the signed delivery receipt and you have not opted for the AR service at the point of posting, a nominal fee will be charged. To request for a copy of the signed delivery receipt, please fill in the Enquiry form. For a delivered item, please call 1605.


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