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Bulk Mail & Postage Paid Impression (PPI)

Postage Paid Impression (PPI)

Postage Paid Impression (PPI) is a cost-effective solution for bulk mailing of homogeneous local and international mail that need to be posted out regularly within Singapore or overseas. It offers you convenience and flexibility, and is particularly useful for regular sending of bills, letters and others. All you need to do is apply for a permit to use the PPI service, lodge your mail directly to us and we'll take care of it.


Bulk Mail

The Bulk Mail Scheme provides discount on postage for the mailing of large quantities of homogeneous mail under the Postage Paid Impression (PPI) service. It consists of Domestic and International Bulk Mail Schemes.

Domestic Bulk Mail (DBM)

Domestic Bulk Mail (DBM) Scheme is applicable to both letters and printed papers of at least 1,500 items per mail type for posting. Postage discount is given per item, based on volume per lodgment, size and condition of the mail items such as machinability, address readability, pre-sorting and address barcoding.


International Bulk Mail (IBM)

International Bulk Mail (IBM) Scheme is applicable to printed papers and small packets of at least 500 items per transmission mode (i.e. via Air and Sea) per lodgment. Postage discount is given either per item and/or per kilogram, depending on the weight of each item, volume and destination.


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