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Postal Services Guide

Section 5: Philatelic

Philatelic Bureau Outlets

The Singapore Philatelic Bureau caters to the philatelic needs of stamp collectors and stamps dealers both at home and abroad. At the Bureau's following outlets, customers can buy new and past postage stamp issues, postal stamped stationery, presentation packs and annual stamp albums as well as obtain date stamping service :

  • Change Alley
  • Changi Airport
  • Jurong Point Killiney
  • Road Robinson Road
  • Singapore Post Centre
  • Tanglin Thomson Road
  • Toa Payoh Central
  • Woodlands Central
First Day Cover Service

Collectors can buy a complete set of new stamps affixed on matching first day covers and cancelled with a special first day of issue date-stamp. These covers are then packed in a protective envelope and sent to the stamp collectors. Orders for these first day covers may be placed through our Advance Order Service or Standing Order Deposit Account Service. Such pre-cancelled first day covers are also available at all Post Offices on the issue date only for each new issue.
Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) Service

Stamp collectors who do not vary their requirements of new postage stamps, first day covers, presentation packs and postal stamped stationery, may find it convenient to subscribe to the Standing Order Deposit Account service.

SODA subscribers need only to maintain a credit account and a set of standing instructions with the Philatelic Bureau (Sales Section). They then receive a regular supply of the new issues together with a statement of account detailing the purchases, the postage, registration fee and service fee, where appropriate, and an advice on the credit balance.

Application forms for SODA service are obtainable from any Post Office.
Advance Order Service

Stamp collectors may also obtain their requirements of new Singapore postage stamps, first day covers, presentation packs and postal stamped stationery by placing an advance order with the Philatelic Bureau (Sales Section) before the release date of each new stamp issue. This service is suitable for customers who vary their orders from issue to issue and for SODA account holders who wish to make additional orders for any particular issue.

Order forms are obtainable from all Post Offices and customers can also purchase online at http://shop.vpost.com.sg.
MyStamp Service

This service allows customers to personalise their special stamp sheet by printing their photos or message in the tab next to an actual stamp.

Customers can choose from a variety of designs of MyStamp sheets for personalisation. The on-the-spot MyStamp service is available at the following selected Post Offices:

  • Change Alley
  • Changi Airport
  • Killiney Road
  • Marine Parade
  • Tanglin
  • Thomson Road
  • Singapore Post Centre
  • Singapore Philatelic Museum

Customers can also place their orders through order forms available at all
Post Offices or purchase online at http://shop.vpost.com.sg/MyStamp.
Orders by Post

Orders for bulk purchase of Singapore philatelic products and postage stamp sets may be sent by post to the Philatelic Bureau. All orders should be accompanied by the appropriate remittance that should cover the face value of the products as well as the return postage and registration fee, if applicable.

The remittance should be in the form of a Singapore cheque, bank draft, money order or postal order made payable to Singapore Post Ltd and crossed 'Account Payee Only'. Currency notes and foreign cheques should not be remitted. Items ordered are subject to stock availability at the time of receipt of orders. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery of after receipt of orders.
Cancelled-to-order (CTO) Service

A CTO service is provided to collectors who may wish to request for the normal Philatelic Bureau metal circular datestamp on unaddressed or selfaddressed covers provided by customers themselves. Such covers must be affixed with at least a stamp based on the prevailing domestic rate for standard letter mail up to 20g or the relevant postage required for returning the cover by air mail.