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Postal Services Guide

Section 4 :  Country-specific Requirements

Countries starting with Q

QATAR (State of)
(Serving DOHA and UMM SAID)

Supplementary Services Available (1) Dutiable goods admitted in the letter post. (2) Printed papers. (3) Small packets. (4) Registration. (5) Blind literature.
Customs Declarations Value up to $700 - Green Label (CN22);

Value over $700 - Parcel Despatch Note in addition to upper part of Green Label.
Prohibitions1 Same as under PARCEL POST except for letters.
Restrictions1 Same as under PARCEL POST.
Address The correct postal address is DOHA, STATE OF QATAR or UMM SAID, STATE OF QATAR. No other geographical description should be added.
PARCEL POST (Air Parcel Only)                                   
Supplementary Services Available Express (Air Parcel Only).
Customs Declarations Parcel Despatch Note.
Prohibitions1 Letters, except those exchanged between the sender and the addressee of the parcel or persons residing with them. Pork of all kinds and its derivatives. Radioactive substances and toxic, concentrated or dangerous sera. Perishable substances harmful to health and unfit for human consumption. Counterfeit coins of all kinds. Three-layer fishing nets, the smallest with a mesh of 4cm. Remote-controlled toy aeroplanes for children. Instruments for games of chance. Products whose composition includes pork fat or pork meat. Cigarette advertising products. Cigarettes not bearing the warning "Smoking is one of the main causes of cardio-vascular diseases and cancer". Substances polluted by radioactivity or nuclear dust. Musical greeting cards. Garments bearing the name of the divinity or verses of the Koran. Military or similar clothing. Fetid substances. Postal items containing powder. Items containing liquid products.
Restrictions1 Wines and alcoholic beverages. Insecticides for agricultural use. Chemical products for local industries. Radiophone transmitters/receivers. Headlights for automobiles. Portable long-distance telephones. Trees and plants for agriculture. Instruments for weighing and measuring.
Address See under LETTER POST.
1 Senders should determine import restrictions/prohibitions of destination country before posting.