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15 Interesting Facts

Singapore Post Limited is known for delivering mail and packages throughout Singapore, but did you know the quickest postmen in the world are probably in Singapore (Straits Times Report of 15 December 2008)?

Here are 15 interesting facts that you might not have known about Singapore's postal services!

  1. First postmark recorded in 1829. It was in black, rectangular and with bevelled corners.

  2. First mail steamer, the Lady Mary Wood arrived in Singapore from London on 4 August 1845, bringing mail for the Straits Settlements and China.

  3. Postage stamps used for the first time in 1855. These were Indian stamps inscribed in the denomination of Indian currency and overprinted with diamond dots to indicate that they were sold in Singapore. However, for the first nine years, stamps were not sold at the Post Office but by a clerk in the Resident Councillor's Office.

  4. It is believed that the first pillar box was installed at the corner of Orchard and Edinburgh Roads in 1873.

  5. First airmail was despatched from Singapore on 5 October 1928. It was sent by sea to Marseilles and thence to London by air.

  6. In 1974, for the first time, women recruited into the Postman and Assistant Postman grades as Postwomen and Assistant Postwomen.

  7. Nextt-day mail delivery standard for mail posted within the Central Business District (CBD) by 7pm and outside the CBD by 5pm was introduced in 1992. This was a significant change for mail processing staff from a predominantly day to an overnight operation.

  8. Employed its first neighbourhood postmen in 1996.

  9. Premiered the first-in-the-world beaded stamp in 2008, which embodies the richness of the Peranakan culture.

  10. All the 800-odd posting boxes in Singapore are equipped with the electronic system to enhance mail security since 2009.

  11. Over 8,500 non-mail items such as wallets, passports, driving licences etc were found in our posting boxes in 2010, and were returned to the relevant organisations where possible.

  12. The oldest post office Singapore today is Geylang (opened in 1930).

  13. The most isolated posting box is located on Pulau Ubin which is 2 km north east of Singapore.

  14. Handled over 3 million mail items daily, and more than 85% are automatically sorted to postmen's delivery sequence.

  15. Each postman covers more than 35 km daily. In total, our postmen cover more than 20,000 km in a single day, and in less than two days, they would have gone round the globe once.

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