Receiving Mail

How can I trace/check the status of a letter/parcel?

If your item does not have a tracking number, it means that your item is sent via ordinary mail. Ordinary mail is not tracked nor traceable. If your item is sent via registered article service, use our Track Item feature under Quick Tasks to get the status of your letter/parcel. Alternatively, you can fill up an enquiry form which is obtainable at all post offices, attach the registered article receipt and present at our post office for us to follow up with the country of destination. It takes between 1 to 3 weeks for the country of destination to revert back to us.

What will happen to my item if no one is at home to receive it?

For any unsuccessful delivery be it local or overseas, a delivery advice will be slipped underneath the door of the addressee's address. You can collect the item from the designated post office, or redirect it to another post office of your convenience or reschedule for another delivery. As collection timing may vary, it is advisable to check the timing before going to the post office to collect. The addressee shall bring along his/her NRIC or identification card, and delivery advice, as well as any other identification documents required by the relevant postal administration.

What happens if I forget to collect my registered article item?

If a local item which is not collected within 10 working days, it will be returned to the sender. For international items, the retention period varies from post to post but the average duration ranges between 7 and 30 days.

Can I arrange for re-delivery or re-direction of my item(s)* after a failed delivery attempt?

Yes. You may request for a redelivery after 12:00PM on the next working day from the date of the delivery advice.

Can I get my friend/helper/parent to collect on my behalf?

Yes. Please provide them a photo copy of your NRIC and authorization letter that needs to be presented together with their NRIC upon collection.

Can I track my item/shipment if I do not have my tracking number?

We apologise that we are unable to trace mails without a tracking number.

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