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1. Selection of Target Audience

Selection is based on:

  1. Selection is based on geographical areas in Singapore based on the first two digits postal codes.


2. Charges and Conditions

  1. The charge per item includes list rental, printing and pasting of address labels, label supplies and distribution.

    Not Exceeding
    Fulfilment & Postage Charges*
    25g $0.25
    50g $0.30
    100g $0.45
    200g $0.55
    300g $0.65

  2. Minimum posting per request is 2,000 pieces. The minimum quantity required does not apply for condominiums that allow Admail service.
  3. For any changes made after lodgement of promotional materials, there will be an additional charge of $0.10 per piece. Cheque payment customers need to settle the amount before commencement. SingPost shall not be liable for any consequences damages.
  4. Enveloping charges (optional):

    Enveloping Charges Charges* (per pc)
    Folding of inserts/brochures $0.01
    First Document insert $0.06
    Additional insert $0.02
    Sealing of Envelope $0.01

  5. Payment must be made in cheque at the time of posting. Cheque should be crossed and made payable to Singapore Post Limited. Post-dated and/or personal cheque will not acceptable.

Note: Charges quoted above are subjected to prevailing GST