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Preprocessing Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

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1. Definitions

(i) "Service" means the preprocessing service provided by SingPost for postal related services such as sorting and weighing to determine the postage value prior to posting of the item;

(ii) "Customer" means the successful applicant of the Service; and

(iii) "Working Day" means any day on Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays).


2. Description of Service

2.1 Preprocessing
Mail will be sorted by the chargeable weight steps. Mail size, weight and the postage payable will be recorded. For overseas mail, in addition to sorting and weighing, the mail will be sorted according to the published zones. Mail will be postmarked after the postage for the mail has been recorded.

2.2 Sort to Department
Mail may be sorted up to twenty (20) separate departments or cost centres.

2.3 Mail Posting Report
Standard formatted report of the postings will be provided on a monthly basis. The report shall be enclosed and sent together with SingPost's invoice.


3. Scope

3.1 Homogeneous mail of more than three hundred (300) copies per lodgment CANNOT be posted under the Service.

3.2 Homogeneous means mail which shares similar characteristics in terms of:

- mode of conveyance (local, international outgoing and incoming);

- weight (variation of weight-steps within each mail size is allowed);

- each mail size (Standard Regular, Standard Large or Non Standard - no combination across mail sizes);

- mail type (Letters);

- packaging; and

- physical features (such as return address, company name and logo or other identification marks on the mail piece).

3.3 Envelopes from other services like Postage Paid Impression Permit, Postage Paid Envelope or Business Reply Service are not to be used for posting under this Service. The Customer shall pay a surcharge of Singapore Dollar One (S$1.00)* per piece if such envelopes are discovered for posting.


4. Service Standards

Categories of Mail Delivery Standards

Ordinary Mail (Local)
98% of the mail lodged within "J" shall be delivered within 2 working days following the date of posting (i.e. J+2).

Registered Mail (Local

98% of the registered mail lodged within "J" shall be delivered within 3 working days following the date of posting (i.e. J+3)

Ordinary and Registered Mail (By Air

95% of the mail lodged within "J" shall be processed  and connected to departing flights within 1- 2 working  days following the date of posting (i.e. J+1-2) if there  are scheduled flights.  In the event there are no scheduled flights, the next available flight will apply

Ordinary Mail (By Sea)
Subject to shipping schedule depending on the destination country. Please refer to International Bulk Mail Rates Brochure, available upon reques

"J": the date of posting


5. Margin of Acceptance

5.1 For postings where the total number of mail pieces is indicated on a hand-over docket which is provided to SingPost, SingPost may, in its absolute discretion, accept a margin variation of one per cent (1%) from the amount indicated in the hand-over docket.


6. Charges for Duplicate copies of Mail Posting Report

6.1 The Customer shall pay a charge of Singapore Dollars Twenty (S$20.00)* for each duplicate copy of the standard mail posting report.


7 Operational Procedures for Hand-Over of Mails

7.1 Bundling and bagging

7.1.1 Mail must be securely tied in fixed bundles of 10s or 20s pieces per bundle, using sufficient strapping or rubber bands so that they can hold the mail firmly upon handling.

7.1.2 Mail must be faced such with the addresses facing the front of each bundle.

7.1.3 Different mail categories in terms of local ordinary, overseas air and sea, local and overseas registered air and sea mail must be sorted, bundled, tagged and bagged in separated bundles and put into separate bags.

7.1.4 The total quantity for each category of mail as indicated at Clause 7.1.3 must be written clearly on the top of each bundle for each category of mail.

7.1.5 Mail bag labels must clearly indicate the name of the company and the category of mail contained in the bag.

7.1.6 For mail that is to be sorted and cost allocated to more than one (1) cost centre, the department name or cost centre must be clearly indicated on each mail piece. If there are several pieces of mail to be charged to the same cost centre, the mail pieces are to be bundled together and the cost centre must be indicated on the top piece of the mail bundle.

7.1.7 Mail with no indication of the cost centre will be allocated to a general cost centre, to be provided by the Customer.

7.1.8 The number of bags, with a breakdown of the number of each category of mail in terms of local ordinary, overseas ordinary air and sea, local and overseas registered air and sea mail, are to be clearly indicated on the waybill form.

7.2 Additional Procedures for handling of registered mail

7.2.1 For registered mail, the following additional services are provided:

- pasting the registered barcode number onto the mail piece;

- recording the registered mail barcode number onto the listing (list of names and the corresponding addresses to be provided by Customer); and/or

- listing will be returned to the Customer by ordinary mail within 3 - 5 Working Days.

7.2.2 A listing of the addressees' names and addresses (Registered Posting List Form) must be enclosed with the registered mail.

7.2.3 The total number of the addressees' names and addresses on the listing must tally and must be identical to the physical number and addressing details of the registered mail to be posted.

7.2.4 The physical pieces of the registered mail MUST be arranged and bundled in the same sequential order of the name and address given in the registered mail listing.

7.2.5 All registered mail must have the word "Registered" written clearly at the front cover of each mail.

7.2.6 For Advice of Delivery (AR) service, an AR card must be pasted firmly to the back of the registered mail.


8. Non-Compliance

8.1 Mail that is handled over to SingPost without conforming to the above procedures mail is subject to delay in processing and delivery.

8.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Service Standards at Clause 4 shall not apply to mail items where:

a) the delivery of which is affected by any cause beyond SingPost's reasonable control; and

b) the mail items are not posted in accordance with the posting, bagging and bundling requirements as stated herein.


9. Consent to Use and Disclose Customer Information and Data

9.1 The Customer agrees that SingPost shall be entitled to use or disclose any information or data disclosed by the Customer in accordance with the SingPost General Terms & Conditions located at the SingPost website at http://www.singpost.com (or available from SingPost on written request). The Customer is entitled to withdraw such consent in accordance with the procedure as prescribed by SingPost from time to time.


10. Entire Agreement

10.1 The Customer shall be bound by and shall fully observe and comply with all the SingPost General Terms & Conditions as well as such other terms and conditions as may be agreed between SingPost and the Customer. The rights and protections conferred on SingPost under these Preprocessing Service Terms & Conditions shall be additional to the rights and protections conferred on SingPost under the SingPost General Terms & Conditions and any other terms and conditions as may be agreed between SingPost and the Customer. In the event that any of these Preprocessing Service Terms & Conditions are inconsistent with the SingPost General Terms & Conditions, these Preprocessing Service Terms & Conditions set out herein shall prevail.



*All charges stated herein are exclusive of Goods and Services Taxes ("GST") and are subject to prevailing GST.